Your pupils deserve the best dance education, so why not give it to them?


Having worked in primary school's for many years, it is still wonderful to see the teacher's sigh of relief when they are gifted with our services for the academic year.

We undertake all the planning, resource making, music-editing, choreography, student-progress-data, SMART targets and much more, to ensure we deliver sessions enriched with learning aids, knowledge, creative tasks and collaborative learning!


We deliver outstanding sessions to your pupils where they are able to build upon the key skills they have already developed, contextualise their topic work, explore diversity through dance and thrive in the knowledge and tasks surrounding their sessions.

We would welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with you and your students!


Within all our sessions is a hidden curriculum of literacy, mathematics, anatomy and physiology, dance history and more! Not only do our students develop their dance ability, but their confidence, self-esteem, social skills, team work, problem solving...the list is endless!

All our sessions have clear planning including scheme of work’s, lesson plans, learning objectives and differentiation, where pupils are stretched and challenged in accordance with their individual and class ability. Our sessions have an emphasis on collaborative learning, starter tasks and plenaries.

Our students always leave class feeling proud of their work.

Learning is super exciting and we share our knowledge and experiences with our pupils, encouraging them to always work to the best of their ability, and to never stop creating goals in aid of achieving your dream.


Whatever the topic, we can deliver dance sessions based around it!


A short list of some of the topics we have previously delivered:

  • The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

  • The Human Body

  • Space

  • Fireworks

  • The Romans

  • Ancient Egypt

  • Ancient Greeks

  • The Great Fire of London

  • World War II

  • Tsunami’s

  • All About Me

  • Superhero’s

  • Plants and Growing

  • Volcanoes

  • Royalty – Kings and Queens

  • 9/11 – September 11th 2001

  • Tour de France / Tour de Yorkshire

If your topic is not listed, please let us know; we can accommodate to your needs!


We explore a different style of dance each week which keeps dance club exciting for all involved. Our routines are fun yet challenging to each student in correlation to their individual age and ability.

We explore a range of current dance styles, cultural dance styles, dance activities, and drama games.

In the summer term we prepare a routine for the purpose of a performance, where friends and family members are invited to watch.

Dance Club is run independently of the school/academy, resulting in no cost to the school. We make our sessions accessible to all including pupil premium students.

A different style of dance each week!

28 styles explored each academic year

African     Jive     Bollywood     Contemporary

Country     Stomp     Cheerleading

Charleston     CanCan     Flamenco     Calypso   Salsa     Jamaican     

Soca     Greek Zorba

Cultual Awareness



Relationship Skills



Problem Solving





Diwali Workshop.jpg

Chinese New Year Available.

1.   Boogie Bear - November 2020.jpg

Boogie Bear is a fantastic movement program created and based upon the EYFS, IDTA syllabus and the National Curriculum, to develop key skills such as co-ordination, movement ability, rhythm, problem solving, creativity, imagination and many more skills which are invaluable.


The children participate in a range of dance and drama activities, action songs, exploration and creation of movement with props, recall patterns such as clapping rhythms and movement phrases, participate in learning, creating and recalling a dance phrases, and self / peer evaluations.


Weekly Workshops to develop a cultural dance style in preparation for a school performance.


  • Explore the world in a day!

    • Egyptian

    • African

    • Greek

    • Spanish (Flamenco)

    • Irish

    • Modern Country Dance

    • South American Carnival

    • Cheerleading (American)

    • Calypso / Soca (Caribbean)

    • Mexican Hat Dance

    • Chinese

    • Indian (Bollywood)

    • Indian (Kathak)

Is your style listed? If not, please speak to us and we can arrange this!