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Young Dance Students
Ballet Dancer

Primary School Services

All our sessions have clear planning, learning objectives, and differentiated tasks, ensuring pupils are stretched and challenged as per their ability. 

We nurture every individual and ensure our students always leave class feeling proud of their work and progress.

Ballet Shoes


We undertake all the planning, resource-making, music-editing, choreography, student progress data, SMART targets, and much more, to ensure we deliver sessions enriched with learning aids, knowledge, creative tasks, and collaborative learning.

Sessions have a hidden curriculum of Literacy, mathematics, anatomy and physiology, dance history, French ballet translations, and more!
Not only do our students develop their dance ability, but their confidence, self-esteem, social skills, teamwork, problem-solving...the list is endless!


Cross Curriculum

  • Diwali

  • Chinese New Year

  • The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

  • The Human Body

  • All About Me

  • Plants and Growing

  • Space

  • Fireworks

  • The Romans

  • Ancient Egypt

  • Ancient Greeks

  • The Great Fire of London

  • World War II

  • Tsunami’s

  • Volcanoes

  • 9/11 – September 11th 2001

  • Tour de France / Tour de Yorkshire


After School Dance Club

Throughout the academic year, we explore up to 25 different current and cultural dance styles, plus a range of dance activities and drama games! Our routines are fun yet challenging to each student per their age and ability, keeping dance club exciting for everyone in attendance.

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