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"Miss Alex is the perfect teacher. Fun, engaging, caring and talented. My daughter has grown in confidence since attending the full day sessions where she made new friends, learnt new skills and most importantly had fun! My daughter is a fairly shy and sensitive character and gets very apprehensive in new environments, Miss Alex made so much effort helping her to settle in and even sent me a little message during the day to reassure me that everything was going well. Miss Alex puts together a fantastic lesson, full to the brim with every kind of dance you can imagine and even other creative activities such as painting and colouring in. Go ahead and join Locomotion Dance Studio,

you will not be disappointed"

"Miss Alex is a fantastic dance teacher that brings the best out of her students. My daughter loves going and is keen to learn more. The dance camps are amazing and such value for money. Highly recommended to both girls and boys!"

"Both of my daughters have loved the dance classes and dance camp days. Miss Alex is fantastic with the children and they always learn something new and exciting at the classes. I would highly recommend Locomotion Dance Studios!!"

"Amazing fun and confidence building at Locomotion, both my girls 8 and 5 loved every minute of the workshop

Thanks Miss Alex for all the work you put in for our children"

"My daughter has attended the workshops and also after school dance classes. Miss Alex is a wonderful teacher who strives to bring out the best of her pupils whilst making it fun to learnI would highly recommend."

"Miss Alex is unbelievable at what she does, she makes the children very comfortable in their surroundings and makes everything so much fun for the children. My child is quite shy and timid trying new things but Miss Alex made her feel very special and now she can't wait to go wether it's after school club or the dance camps in the holidays.. Both are great and have so much stuff to keep the kids busy and having fun. Would definitely recommend!"

"My daughter has loved every minute with Miss Alex she looks forward to her dance class every week

her confidence has come on a treat, such a lovely class!"

"My daughter has loved dancing classes with Miss Alex! Having a different type of dance each week has kept the class lovely and relaxed - challenging for those who are more gifted in dance and also for those who just want to enjoy 'having a go'!"

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