Subjects we offer...

Rhythmic drums, funky jazz, expansion and relaxation, slick, stylish and a wonderful way to be creative and express yourself.

Explore kicks, leaps, turns, body control, floor work, elevation and travelling sequences to develop strength, flexibility, technique and interpretation of music and movement.

A fun and exciting syllabus designed to develop the technically sound versatile show-dancer.

Cabaret, Commercial, and Musical Theatre Dance are all explored using the elements of kicks, spins, leaps, turns, accompanied by stylised, and atmospheric music. Musicality and characterisation are developed whilst dancing with props and accessories to assist the styles.

Theatre Craft

Contemporary Modern Jazz


Children explore and develop the fundamentals of ballet through a relaxed and creative ballet class. Although ballet has been around since the 17th century, we use modern hits the children love alongside the classical music, to keep our ballet sessions diverse and exciting!


The use of key barre exercises, centre practice, travelling movements, and dance routines, allow the children to develop their ballet technique including posture and alignment, fluidity, strength, technique, and storytelling, all through fun, ballet-based exercises and routines.

Freestyle is a feel-good yet technical style which creates striking poses, and eye-catching physical arrangements.


This fun and expressive style allows the dancer to explore further styles including lyrical, jive, cha-cha, commercial, calypso, (and more), whilst dancing to their favourite tracks, exploring music genres, and developing their IDTA dance technique requirements.​​


Hugely mistaken, freestyle is not the same as improvisation; improvisation is the spontaneous creation of movement, and freestyle is a specific style of dance.




Groove It! Shake It! Move It! 


Socialise whilst having a feel-good boogie to some of your favourite tracks whilst exploring a range of styles including Bollywood, Cha-Cha, Jive, Theatre Dance, Charleston, Jazz, Calypso and more!


This ladies only (18+) session develops strength, flexibility, stamina and movement ability that will motivate your soul.

* * We also hold Social Nights where you can have a bit of YOU time!

* * KID-DANCE-FIT is also available.

Act -- Dance -- Sing!


Explore musicals from past to present!

Develop characterisation, performance delivery, vocal prep,

articulation, script development and many more skills.

A wonderful class for the aspiring performer; the spotlight's on you!

Musical Theatre


​​Once your feet start tapping they won't stop!


Creating thrilling movements with accentuated rhythms and innovative sounds, which make you feel slick with style.

Whilst dancing to our all time favourite Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly musicals, we also bring tap dance into the 21st century by dancing to our 'modern' tracks and incorporating fresh choreography from other styles.